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Are you looking for other jobs?
Unfortunately no. However, since we may create new positions depending on the applicant’s skills and experience, please feel free to give it a shot if you would like to do so.
How do you judge whether or not something is “right”?
That’s a difficult one. I guess you have to constantly question yourself, “what is right”, as you continue working. I don’t think we can set clear criteria for this. People do make mistakes, and people will have different criteria from yours. The only way to stay “right” is by willing and trying to stay “right” by understanding your status quo, and making adjustments if necessary (“refactoring” might be the right computer terminology).
What does Diverta mean?
Our representative, Kato, is from Brazil. “Diverta” could be translated into “enjoy” in Portuguese, and that is where our company name comes from.
How many hours of overtime work do the employees have?
I think employees have 20-40 overtime work hours a month in average. The value could differ depending on their occupation and the time.  It’s rather easy to get paid holidays, and employees could also get long vacations. We do not prohibit nor recommend overtime work.
What do you mean by “enjoying your work”?
“Enjoying your work” does not mean that you can just sit back and chill. Our company will continue creating a business model, a business strategy and an organizational strategy that enables individuals to enjoy their work. I also hope the individuals them selves can positively engage in their work.