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What does it mean to “Embrace Change”?
Literally, it means to “embrace change”. Since “embrace” has an active nuance, we selected this word hoping for continuous change.
Are you recruiting other type of jobs?
Unfortunately no. However, since we may create new positions depending on the applicant’s skills and experience, please feel free to give it a shot if you would like to do so.
How do you judge whether or not something is “right”?
That’s a difficult one. I guess you have to constantly question yourself, “what is right”, as you continue working. I don’t think we can set clear criteria for this. People do make mistakes, and people will have different criteria from yours. The only way to stay “right” is by willing and trying to stay “right” by understanding your status quo, and making adjustments if necessary (“refactoring” might be the right computer terminology).
What do you mean by “How to do right & delight”?
I guess it's like a blueprint to allow the company and employees to "Do right & Delight". Is this more confusing? Being able to "Do right & Delight" is both the goal and the guideline to achieve that goal.
Why do you need the reason and intention for setting your principles?
Once upon a time, a club activity in a university had a rule that disallowed freshmen to use negative words to their seniors. Weird, huh? Was it to force obedience? It wasn’t. In that club activity, freshmen were gofers — that rule was set so that the freshmen can think how they could meet the senior’s demands when they were asked to do something. The background was that freshmen in that club activity worked without thinking, so that’s why such rule was set. But in the end, the rule stayed around without any one really knowing the reason and purpose. So that particular rule started to be misused. I believe that rule does not exist in that club activity now, but this is a good example of how principles etc. could be misused if the intention/background/reason is not well-explained.