Questions & answers


What does RCMS stand for?
It’s an acronym for Relational Contents Management System.
The CMS system was more common when we established our company. We named it RCMS because we designed a system that enabled users to easily manage the relational contents.
Why did you decide to develop RCMS?
The representative used to make the website for the rugby club when he belonged there as a student, and he often had to think how his successors can run the website after he would graduate. That was the how RCMS began in around year 2000. We adapted the SaaS since then due to its simplicity of the maintenance, and also because we considered providing it to other teams. Later on it started to be used outside the rugby club too. Let’s just keep it between us that if you look into it carefully, the source code (of the program) still has an inside-code which we used among the rugby club members. We really did not expect the system to get so many users…
Do you have any other products?
We’re developing one at the moment! Keep posted.


How do you judge whether or not something is “right”?
That’s a difficult one. I guess you have to constantly question yourself, “what is right”, as you continue working. I don’t think we can set clear criteria for this. People do make mistakes, and people will have different criteria from yours. The only way to stay “right” is by willing and trying to stay “right” by understanding your status quo, and making adjustments if necessary (“refactoring” might be the right computer terminology).
What do you mean by “enjoying your work”?
“Enjoying your work” does not mean that you can just sit back and chill. Our company will continue creating a business model, a business strategy and an organizational strategy that enables individuals to enjoy their work. I also hope the individuals them selves can positively engage in their work.
Are you always enjoying your work?
I hope so. But that's the ideal. There are also both boring and stressful jobs. Of course there are many fun jobs. Since humans are easily bored, I feel that there is no always a pleasant job. In that sense, I would like to reduce work without change as much as possible without getting tired.
When do you feel joy?
Good question. Each person has their own opinion.
But we defined it as "when we find new discoveries", "when we tickled the curiosity" or "when we are pleased". I think there are many others, though.
Are there really so many things that are new to you or that will inspire your curiosity?
I think it depends on the person, but I believe it doesn’t necessarily have to be something that had never existed in the world. When someone does something for the first time, that would be “new” for them. We are trying to streamline our business operations, and this means that we don’t repeat the same task/job/work ― which means we can do new things.
What do you mean by “Defeat dilemma”?
Dilemma, is a dilemma. According to Wikipedia, it "is a problem offering two unrelated possibilities, neither of which is unambiguously acceptable or preferable”.
I feel that we face so many dilemmas as we work. And I think what is intriguing is how we get over or deal with these dilemmas, so that’s where our “Defeat Dilemma” comes from.
Why do you think diversity is important?
Well, more than I think diversity is important, I believe that things are more interesting if there is diversity.
Curiosity is one thing I would like my employees to have, and I think that the environment would become less stimulating if you stay in a standardized, homogenous environment.
If you are going to be working for a long time, you will face different stages in your life and your values may change, and I believe a standardized working environment will make things complicated in that case.
That’s why we’re striving to create an environment that embraces diversity.
Are you able to follow your philosophies?
We have set the philosophies so that we can go back to them whenever something happens. 
I do not think all employees are being able to follow and practice these philosophies, but I do hope that they at last have them in mind.
Do you have anything for the stakeholders?
This is a definition for our selves, and not for the stakeholders. However, this does not mean that we will neglect them, and I think that can be understood from our philosophy.
Do you set any numerical goals or targets?
Not really. Setting numerical goals can sometimes be useful as means, but we will not use it as ends at least for now, since we do not think it is essential.


Are you recruiting other type of jobs?
Unfortunately no. However, since we may create new positions depending on the applicant’s skills and experience, please feel free to give it a shot if you would like to do so.
How many hours of overtime work do the employees have?
I think employees have 20-40 overtime work hours a month in average. The value could differ depending on their occupation and the time. 
It’s rather easy to get paid holidays, and employees could also get long vacations.
We do not prohibit nor recommend overtime work.
Is it a friendly working environment for women?
Our female employees have said that our working environment is friendly for them. Our employees actively use their maternity leaves, child-rearing leaves (for both male and female employees), and shorter work days.
Do you hire people with physical or intellectual disabilities?
We do not hire anyone for the reason that person is physically or intellectually challenged, however if we judge that the applicant is eligible for our company, we will hire that person regardless of his/her capacities. We also have employees with disability certificates who have been able to perform remarkably.
What time does work start from?
People start working as early as 8:30AM, but most people start around 10AM-11AM. Some start work from 12 using our Flex Work policy.
Do you hire non-Japanese speakers too?
Unless you are applying for jobs such as engineers as designers where you will be required to communicate in Japanese, you do not have to be a Japanese speaker. However, if you cannot speak Japanese, you will need to be able to speak English. Due to visa issues, tech jobs are employed easier.
Can you support me obtaining my work visa?
Yes. Once we decided to give you a job offer, we will support you obtaining your work visa.
Why are you eager to hire foreign employees?
We’re not giving any advantages to foreigners, but since we receive more applications from competent foreigners. The population of the world is 7 billion people.
Consequently we are having an increasing number of foreign employees. Of course, we are eager to hire Japanese people too.
Do you have training programs?
Our employees can take business training programs within their working hours that are managed by trainers that come from outside our company. 
Furthermore, individual employees could take various training programs such as designing/learning English/etc. if they wish. If we think the programs will be useful business-wise, we will not limit the budget. 
For example, employees can have a 60-minute English lesson 4 times per week for 6 months; or receive an online programming lecture.
Do you have systems such as stock options?
At the moment, no. Although we are considering one, since we cannot envisage a clear advantage as of now, we do not plan to make one either.
We prioritize the remuneration system that will reward you continuously, such as bonuses.
What are the career paths like?
Of course we have personnel system, but since we are a small company, you are the one who will be setting your career. So you can pretty much decide for yourself.
We will not technically support you when you decide to switch jobs, but we will strive to be the company that could be acknowledged when you decide to move on. I hope working in Deverta would be an advantage for you.
I want to get a high salary.
That’s ambitious. We are a small company so we have our limits, but let’s go push the envelope together.
In the case of IT, I think that the reward and the size of the market are closely related, so let's go the global market first.
Are side jobs allowed?
Basically not allowed.But for work that is not related to our company's business, we may allow it on a condition that you notice us in advance.
Do you plan to enlarge your company?
Since it is better if the company expands to a certain extent from the management point of view, we are making effort so the company will continue expanding. There are possibilities that certain services and business may expand rapidly, but we do not have any clear goals or plans to do so.
What is your company’s future goal?
We don’t exactly have a future goal. We do hope to pursue our philosophy (look “Statement” on our company website for details) however, and to create/develop a product which could be enjoyed by many people, while we earn just enough money to live our lives. Of course, things change, and we do not know what awaits us in our future. 
It sounds like a nice company.
Well thank you. But I believe it’s a result of streamlining, so there may be harsh aspects. I think it just may not be the cup of tea for certain people. You can decide for yourself after you take an interview with us.
What do you think are your company’s shortcomings?
Let me see…I do hope they’ll get better, but I guess our current shortcomings are the following.

1. The majority of our profit comes from domestic sales although the company has been aiming to go more global for ages.
2. We haven’t really developed services other than RCMS.
3. We want to increase the employees’ salary but we haven’t been able to do so.
4. We haven’t been able to fully follow and practice our company philosophy.
5. Some people still need to have much overtime work depending on their role and the time.
6. Things could change must faster than now.

Now that’s a lot of improvements that could be made.


What does Diverta mean?
Our representative, Kato, is from Brazil. “Diverta” could be translated into “enjoy” in Portuguese, and that is where our company name comes from.
Why are you located in Iidabashi?
I started my business in Kagurazaka, and we’ve been around since then. Our company is currently directly connected to the station so it’s convenient. I also like the fact that there are many eateries around the company.
What is the average age?
I assume the average age is around 35, and I feel it’s becoming younger.
What is the male to female ratio?
I believe the male to female ratio is 6:4.
What is this FAQ for?
I thought writing this may be easier instead of having to repeatedly answer similar questions.